Denison/Dennison Genealogy

Tracing my Dennison family roots

Clan MacPherson

Found this history of the Andover bagpipe band Clan MacPherson Pipes and Drums.  They have their own website as well.  There’s not a lot on the website.  The history from the first link is there as well.  It was written in 2000.  The drum major whom we remember, Ed Morrissey, has retired by now.

Fond memories of Andover days.  Does anyone have photos of the pipe band in Andover?

7.29.2011  Looking for my aunt’s obituary today, the obituary for Ed Morrissey, who passed one month ago came up here.  I remember his wife, Janet, as well.  I believe she was the nurse for my dentist, whose name I don’t remember.  She was a lovely person, probably still is.  That would have been in the late 70s.


Kenneth Farnham Dennison

When I googled Uncle Ken’s name this is what I got:

Scroll down to Dennison…only good for one more year. He’s going to give it up then. 50 years — wahoo!!

NH  Professional Engineers Board:


City/State/Zip LAGRANGE ME 04453-

Discipline: STR License # 01196

Licensed: 01/10/61 Expires : 01/31/12

Veterans Day poem from 1940s

We are not ashamed of the uniform,
And, if you, Sir, are a friend
You will never say a word against it,
A word that might offend.
It has covered honored bodies.
And by heroes has been worn
Since the day our great Republic
And the stars and stripes were born.
Uniforms have many colors —
Some are khaki — some are blue;
And the men who choose to wear them
Are of many patterns, too.
Some are sons of wealthy parents,
Some are college graduates,
Some have all the manly virtues,
Some are merely reprobates.
Men of brawn, of pluck and daring,
Men of brain and knowledge, too;
Would you dare to spite these men
With the ones you know, the few?
No, we’re not angels;
Blackguards?  Yes, a few of those,
But they got that name and rating
When they wore civilian clothes.
No man is at his best when drinking.
All act rough and curse and swear.
Drunken soldiers, or civilians,
Are disgusting anywhere.
Criticize, but treat us fairly.
We’ll appreciate it more
Than a lot of empty cheering
When we’re going out to war.
If you meet up with us in public,
On the street, or anywhere;
Stow your covert sneering glances,
And your patronizing air.
We are Uncle Sam’s defenders
As our garments plainly show;
While you may be a thief or parson.
How on Earth are we to know?
We don’t ask you your profession
Or your name, or what you do.
Though we’re only “common soldiers”
We feel just as good as you.
Who is there to judge between us
I ask you man to man?
Only one:  The Great Almighty.
Name another, if you can.
So forget the haughty bearing and the narrow, foolish pride.
Get acquainted with a soldier
And the heart he wears inside.
Test, trust and understand him
Without prejudice or fear;
And you’ll very likely learn
That the soldier is your peer.

Submitted to the Racine Journal Times by Pamela Kay Ehnert, niece of Cpl. Norman Carl Wagner, Sur. Off. 3rd Army, Smith-Young Tower, San Antonio  Poem written by “one of the boys in the office”.

Daddy (Harry), Beulah, and Ruth Dennison

Isn’t this a beautiful picture? It’s taken in Digby, Nova Scotia. Not sure which girl is which. Just had to share, it’s so beautiful!

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Harry Leigh Dennison

Harry Leigh Dennison
About 25 years

Harry Leigh Dennison

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Window Shopping

My baby girl looking in the store window at Christmas. Published in newspaper some 20 years ago.

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My cousin Cynthia Dennison playing at Grandma and Grandpa Dennison’s on Salem Street, Andover, MA
This photo has been cropped and the coloring changed to a soft focus in Picasa.

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A Work in Progress

Uncle Richard, Aunt Ruth, Joyce
Joel, Jared, Megan, Sarah  1989

 Ruth, Kenny, Beulah, Richard, Marion  1938

Kenny, Richard, Marion, Beulah, Ruth, Mama  1971

Kenny, Richard, Marion, Beulah, Ruth   1989

Been awhile since I last posted here. Been busy with other things, just now getting around to the old family photos. Scanned some on my computer today and uploaded them to Facebook. Was so long I forgot about the uploader until I was done!

It’s good to see the faces of the ones who’ve gone before. Uncle Richard, Gram, Grandpa, Auntie Ruth, and Auntie B. My mother isn’t far behind. Auntie Ruth turned 94 in August, still going strong. Uncle Ken, at 82, is not as healthy as she.

Catch myself noticing my grandmother and aunt and mother at my age. Maybe I’m not so old. Feel old. Not sure how much of this I’m doing for myself and how much for those who come after, those who will be looking at my pictures thinking the same thoughts as I am now.

Taking care of the family history is a work in progress, as is caring for the photographs. Our family itself is a work in progress.

Gram, Susan, Joyce, Cindy   Gram’s 75th