New Cousin

by thesilverofhisfining

Meet our first new cousin in the Denison/Dennison family. We won’t hold it against him that he does not bear the Denison name 🙂 He is nine generations from Robert Denison, Jr., if my calculations are correct. He will remain nameless, as he is living.

Here’s the line:

Robert Denison, Jr. married (2) Prudence Sherman.

I am descended from their oldest son, David Sherman.

He is descended from their youngest son, Gurdon, Sr. (or Gurden), who married Catherine Fitzpatrick of Halifax in 1775.

One of Gurdon’s daughter’s had a daughter out of wedlock, Matilda, who married Augustus Eagles.

Matilda Denison Eagles had a daughter Rosetta Prudence, who married James Ernest Schofield.

Rosetta Prudence Schofield married James Ernest Schofield, and had a son, Edgar.

Edgar and Emily Schofield had a daughter Mamie Maude who married Thornton Edward Schofield.

Mamie Maude and Thornton Schofield had a daugter, Edna, who married Richard Coldwell.

Richard and Edna Coldwell had a daughter, Joyce, who is this man’s mother.

Nine generations from Robert Denison, Jr. Seven generations to me. That makes us, fifth cousins, twice removed, according to this chart.

Here’s the short version:

Robert Denison, Jr.

Gurdon Denison, Sr.

daughter Denison

Matilda Denison Eagles

Rosetta Prudence Eagles Schofield

Edgar Schofield

Mamie Maude Schofield

Edna Schofield Coldwell

Joyce Coldwell


The other interesting bit is that Robert and Prudence Denison, Jr. lived in Connecticut, emigrated to Nova Scotia as a New England Planter in 1760. My grandfather emigrated to Massachusetts in 1923. The Coldwells emigrated back to Connecticut in 1949 and 1952.

That’s enough for now. Any questions, please shoot me an email.