James and Lavinia Denison

by thesilverofhisfining

James Denison and Lavinia Denison were both grandchildren of Robert Denison, Jr, who had two wives. Generation No. 8 and Generation No. 9 now have an 8(1) and 8(2) and a 9(1) and a 9(2). James and Lavinia are 9(1) and 9(2).

This may not be the proper notation. Not having seen this before I did my own notation. I think both lines should be in the genealogy, since they are both Denisons.

I also did not have Robert, Jr’s children by his second wife, so I added that today in Generation No. 8. There are a number of second marriages, but only the children of the marriage which produced the direct line are listed, except in this case, where both are.