A Work in Progress

by thesilverofhisfining

Uncle Richard, Aunt Ruth, Joyce
Joel, Jared, Megan, Sarah  1989

 Ruth, Kenny, Beulah, Richard, Marion  1938

Kenny, Richard, Marion, Beulah, Ruth, Mama  1971

Kenny, Richard, Marion, Beulah, Ruth   1989

Been awhile since I last posted here. Been busy with other things, just now getting around to the old family photos. Scanned some on my computer today and uploaded them to Facebook. Was so long I forgot about the uploader until I was done!

It’s good to see the faces of the ones who’ve gone before. Uncle Richard, Gram, Grandpa, Auntie Ruth, and Auntie B. My mother isn’t far behind. Auntie Ruth turned 94 in August, still going strong. Uncle Ken, at 82, is not as healthy as she.

Catch myself noticing my grandmother and aunt and mother at my age. Maybe I’m not so old. Feel old. Not sure how much of this I’m doing for myself and how much for those who come after, those who will be looking at my pictures thinking the same thoughts as I am now.

Taking care of the family history is a work in progress, as is caring for the photographs. Our family itself is a work in progress.

Gram, Susan, Joyce, Cindy   Gram’s 75th